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Finally – time for some blogging! Hope your are all doing well? I had some pretty busy weeks mostly because of the university and the exams which will take place soon 🙂 Buuut – this evening means just doing nothing! Cooking some pasta, checking out all my favourite blogs (Janni‘s, Lisa’s and Tamara’s), which I couldn’t really visit the last days and going to bed early! Well maybe I’ll check out the menu for my little birthday/summerstart – party: not easy to choose as the bar where it will take place (Purpur) has such a huge offer! I know myself – at the end I’ll go for everything haha!

The outfit I’m wearing is a pretty simple one – nothing new (sadly, but I don’t have the time nor do I have the money for big shopping trips right now…). Took my Burberry bag which I bought three years ago and my beloved boots with which I have kind of a love – hate relationship: sometimes I’m really into them and on other days I hardly can imagine to wear them ever again in my life 😉

Enjoy your evening and thanks for reading 🙂

Eugenie_Burberry_30.5_6 Eugenies_Buberry_30.5_4 Eugenies_Burberry_30.1_2 Eugenies_Burberry_30.5_1 Eugenies_Burberry_30.5_3 Eugenies_Burberry_30.5_7 Eugenies_Burberry_30.5_8 Eugenies_Burberry_30.5_9 Eugenies_Burberry_30.5_10

Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus




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