It feels like Christmas :) Gassmann Zurich Jacket and Blackbeard Bag

Hello hello 🙂

are you ready for christmas, too? I’ve spent my weekend in Austria together with my mom and since them i’ve felt like the christmas fever came over me… We went to Schruns, a village in the mountains and no idea why, but mountains always mean christmas to me 🙂 btw: if you want to stay at a very nice hotel, with friendly staff, excellent food and a great spa area I highly recommend Hotel Löwen in Schruns – it was awsome!

I wasn’t so active with blogging the last week due to different reasons: 1. to be honest, I don’t feel that inspired at the moment and I wear more or less the same clothes alllll day every day haha… but sometimes I really enjoy not to care that much about my look while there are other days when I love to dress up, guess that’s normal 🙂 and 2. I had to finish my bachelor thesis and the presentations took place last week! And since I haven’t done any presentation for about 3 years, that made me kind of nervous :O but now I’m save again haha and lucky me, I’m still alive 😉

Now let’s turn to the pictures: we took them a couple of weeks ago. First I wasn’t sure about the Jacket from Gassmann Zurich but now when I see the pictures, I absolutely adore it (unfortunately it’s not mine 🙁 ) I think it’s always amazing how we find new places in Zurich when we search for a shooting background and so I felt like a tourist exploring a new city when we took these pictures! Hope you like them and wish you all a lovely christmas time 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Patricia_Gassmann_Blackbeard_3 Eugenies_Patricia_Gassmann_Blackbeard_5 Eugenies_Patricia_Gassmann_Blackbeard_6 Eugenies_Patricia_Gassmann_Blackbeard_1 Eugenies_Patricia_Gassmann_Blackbeard_2Pictures and edit by: Luca Greco


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