Island Tour – Limassol

Hello lovely people 🙂

our holidays here in Cyprus slowly come to an end. Could easily spend some more days here. Even if I never lie at the beach for more than 2 hours a day, I didn’t get bored at all during these holidays. Spent most of the time reading, eating, taking pictures, working out and do a little bit of studying 🙂

Here wo go with some pictures we took when we went to Limassol. Is the second biggest city here in Cyprus and it was interesting to see a bit of the landscape during our drive, an amphitheater, the market and the old port of Limassol. A very beautiful area:). Some pictures are from the evening when we went to Ayia Napa: we didn’t go there for party (already feel too old for that haha) but for dinner. We went to Sage Restaurant which I already knew from former years. My food (fish and vegetables) was excellent but the one from my mom and Sabine, they had Fajitas with beef and Chicken, didn’t really meet the expectations, so I’m not sure If I would go again. But nevertheless, we spent a really nice evening there and it was good to be outside the club for once :).

Thank you for reading and I wish you a great weekend!

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