Iro Jacket – H&M Blouse and good old Zara trousers

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Hello lovely readers 🙂

I feel a little bit sad that I don’t have more time for blogging right now but it seems like my days are just too short (or all the books that I should read for university too long ;))! But Sabine and I give our best to keep the blog updated while writing our exams. Anyway, I can’t complain – yesterday I went to Aura for lunch with a good friend of mine, to treat ourselves in between the learning sessions, and once again it was absolutely DELICIOUS 🙂 I also got a positive feedback for the Student Trainee Program next summer which makes me really happy! So sometimes I have to remind myself of these great things when I tend to feel sorry for myself because of other things that don’t work out as I wish or just because of the stress that occurs from time to time…

My outfit includes my beloved Iro leather jacket again – it’s just such a comfy piece of clothing, that I could wear it everyday 🙂

Hope you guys feel relaxed and have a great week 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_1Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_3 Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_4 Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_5 Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_7 Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_8 Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_9 Eugenies_Iro_H&M_5.5_10Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus


  • Jacket: Iro (collection)
  • Blouse: H&M
  • Trousers: Zara
  • Shoes: Charles Philip (collection)

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