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Hello Hello 🙂

another week and another post! I hope you are doing well and enjoyed a nice weekend so you are full of energy now! First some words to my outfit: I know I’ve already worn this skirt some weeks ago when we were in Cyprus (scary how fast time goes by, it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve been there ..) But we took these photos at the beginning of summer and I think it’s time to post them before it’s winter as it dosen’t make much sense showing pictures where I’m wearing a t-shirt and a skirt when it’s freezing outside!

We took these pictures on one of those really gorgeous days in Zurich when everything was just perfect! First, Tanja and I went for a coffee and relaxed a little and after we were strolling around in Niederdorf and found this lovely place which seemed perfect for some photos! The weather was nice, the shoot was fun and we were happy 🙂 But even if I’m surely gonna miss these lovely summer days in the next few months (or let’s say at least in the next half year) I also look forward to winter. Maybe it’s because I spent this weekend in Lenzerheide where we always spend our winter holidays and even if it was freaking cold in the morning it was one of the most beautiful weekends ever! We got some spa treatments like manicure, massage and also a facial treatment and went out for dinner and lunch at some very nice spots (If you ever go to Lenzerheide, plan to stop at Obertor bar in Parpan. It’s on the way from Chur up to Lenzerheide and I promise you, you won’t regret trying their deluxe burger with the fries… I’m probably gonna dream about it!) On Saturday we also went for a little walk, or if we exagerrate a little bit: we went hiking… and I managed to force Sabine to wear a fleece jacket and to pack our stuff into a backpack (a real backpack, not one of those hipster ones.. )! Not fashionable at all but functional 😉

Have a nice day 🙂

DSC_5594_eugenies_1200pxDSC_5595_eugenies_1200pxDSC_5607_eugenies_1200pxDSC_5618_eugenies_1200pxDSC_5627_eugenies_1200pxDSC_5597_eugenies_1200pxPhotos and edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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    Very nice:-))

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