Hitchcock Madrona!

Hello everyone 🙂

I recently discovered, thanks to youtube, a jewellery brand/store from Seattle. I fell in love with their videos, with the owner’s personality and style and of course with their jewellery pieces. And so, you guessed it, I ordered two items which, because I love them very much, I’d like to share with you.

Hitchcock Madrona sell their own jewellery line and some other brands and designers as well. They have very special pieces (check out their website or their youtube channel to see the items), and since I LOVE outstanding jewellery I would literally wear all of them. They love, as you can see in their videos, to combine lots and lots of different pieces and because their items are all very substantial, unique and beautifully made, they go together amazingly even if they are all different in texture and style.

I especially fell in love with two of their own necklaces, one being the shield necklace and the other one the gold heart necklace. If you’re contacting Erica, one of the two owners, by e-mail every item will be customized for you. I ordered the shield necklace with a white diamond in the middle and a gold chain (normally they come with an oxidized sterling silver one) and the heart one in the smallest size and a gold chain as well. I’ve been wearing both a whole lot since I  got them and every time I love them even more. They are gorgeous pieces that are very eye catching without being overpowering. They go perfectly with all of my monochrome outfits but you could literally wear them with everything. Plus, you can adjust the lengh of each necklace so the’yre great for layering as well. So, long story short: If you’re on the hunt for some very special pieces or if you just love looking at beautiful jewellery (I’ve watched their videos over and over again, just because they inspire me every time :)) then absolutely check out their website, blog and/or youtube channel.

To get in contact with Hitchcock Madrona, either go to their website or contact them by e-mail: info@hitchcockmadrona.com.

PS: I know there are many direct décolleté shots in this post but in order to capture the necklaces this was necessery ;).

Thank you for being here and have a nice day 🙂 Sabine

Photos by: Patricia Neuhaus
Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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