Hiking (walking?) in the mountains

Hey hey 🙂

Here some pics from the days we went hiking here in Lenzerheide – some people might call it a little walk but I felt like a real hiker (I mean, look at that backpack I’m wearing…!). On day 1 me and Franziska went by our own and after we got lost a couple of times we finally arrived at the restaurant where we had lunch. For day 2 our mother joined us and she was fit enough to walk up the mountains and did some phonecalls meanwhile… seems like I was the only one who reached the top of Scalottas quite breathless:D. On that day we had lunch at Hotel Tgantieni – love this place: the owners are super friendly, the food excellent and the design of the restaurant very appealing. So for everyone who is not that into this classical ski lodge style but prefer it more modern it’s a really nice place to go (especially in winter as it’s located next to the ski slope)! But back to the hike: My sore muscles the next day make me wonder if my steady visit to the gym doesn’t really fulfill its purpose…? I think I’ll better leave this as an unanswered question before I reach the conclusion that I might should change my workout and get ready for dinner (again at Hotel Schweizerhof) instead;)

XX Patricia

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Who says that we are the Handy Generation? GetFileAttachment-3 GetFileAttachment-4

I was wondering why no one else is going into the lake… That was before I read the prohibition sign:/GetFileAttachment-5 GetFileAttachment-6 GetFileAttachment-8 GetFileAttachment-10 GetFileAttachment-11

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