Hello lovely readers 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was pretty nice – spent most of the time with friends, enjoying the sun, some drinks, good food and the feeling of not being in a hurry 😉 (but honestly – I get bored sooo fast when I don’t have anything to do, so I’m really looking forward to university starting tomorrow). The pictures show what I wore yesterday when I went out in the evening to a little party at a rooftop. It was a great evening at a beautiful place in the middle of Zurich from where you have a wonderful sight over the town (hardly comparable with the view from my balcony haha…!). While my outfit was actually pretty comfy, these shoes aren’t the best decision if you go somewhere where the  floor is grooved… I guess all the girls can imagine what happens with your heel ;). Now I’m heading out for dinner with my dad and my sisters at a place called Chez Fritz and I’m looking forward to getting some good food into my belly 😀 Wish you a great sunday evening too and thank you for reading 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Patricia_PantaRhei_JeffreyCampbell_ Eugenies_Patricia_PantaRhei_JeffreyCampbell_1 Eugenies_Patricia_PantaRhei_JeffreyCampbell_3 Eugenies_Patricia_PantaRhei_JeffreyCampbell_5 Eugenies_Patricia_PantaRhei_JeffreyCampbell_6 Eugenies_Patricia_PantaRhei_JeffreyCampbell_7Pictures by: Sabine Neuhaus


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