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Hello from Punta Cana 🙂

I know, it seems like I’m doing nothing else than being on holidays the last few weeks. I can’t even say that this is not true but soon soon I also will be back in reality! I’m actually here in Punta Cana for the very first time and it’s a nice experience to feel the different mentality and the different vibe of a country down here in comparison to Europe (I know I know, there are also differences among the countries in Europe haha!) – the staff in the Breathlessresort Hotel are singing all the time and when you ask them how they feel you will never ever hear fine but always magnifical. Nice, isn’t it? 🙂 You also get used to the fact that you never know what you’ll actually get when you order something – I’ve ordered a Bellini 4 times already and each time I got something different! But hey, we are on holidays, so no reason to get annoyed by such things (…ok I have to confess: sometimes there was actually a noise in my brain asking How difficult can it be to understand cola LIGHT ?). 

We also tried to shoot some photos because as you can imagine the nature here would be a fantastic background for some nice pics – but unfortunately our camera isn’t working as it should and the photos turned out to be more or less the same quality as an I phone pic. But maybe that’s a sign which tries to tell us that we should enjoy the beauty of this country while we are here instead of wasting our time by dressing up and shooting photos of our outfits (POSITIVE THINKING!).

The photos of this post were shot a few weeks ago while we were in Ascona. It was one of these absolutely gorgeous summer days and I felt like there is no place on earth that could be more beautiful than this little village in the south of Switzerland. By the way this is something I realize more and more – even if I like traveling the world and seeing other countries I really LOVE Switzerland and I’m always happy to come back (… but eehm Petrus, this doesn’t mean you have to be sooo mean to us!!!). Therefor this sunny day was a perfect opportunity to wear this dress as it is a pretty light and summery dress, which I can’t wear that often in Switzerland. I’m sure you also noticed the necklace I was wearing: I’ve actually never been someone who had really deep feelings for my jewellery, especially because I’m pretty good at loosing it… but this necklace really touches my heart! Not only because it was a gift from my sisters but also because in my opinion this piece is pure elegance and a real Zurich product made by Almog (you can find them at Globus in Zurich).


Photos by: Caroline Neuhaus

Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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