Happy and Tired

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Hello lovely readers

I hope you had a great week so far! 🙂 That’s gonna be a short text because of two reasons: 1. I just came home from a photoshoot we did today and even it was so much fun it was also soooo f**** ing cold, that I still nearly can’t type haha! And 2. I’m so tired, so it’s doubtful that my mind is crossed by many intelligent thoughts :O BTW: I’m very happy – I booked a last minute trip to London next week with my little sister, so I can already discover the town a little bit better before I’ll go for two months in summer. We’ll stay at The Trafalgar, where we already stayed the last times and I’m really looking forward to come back to this nice and friendly place. If anyone has any recommendations where to go for lunch/dinner/drinks etc. please let me know 🙂

Do you like the red jacket? That’s a piece that sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t wear this jacket for weeks becaus I do not always feel in the mood for something so colourful!

Have a great saturday evening and thank you for reading 🙂

P_Eugenies_31.1.2015_3 P_Eugenies_31.1.2015_4 P_Eugenies_31.1.2015_5 P_Eugenies_31.1.2015Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus

Edit by: Patricia Neuhaus


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