Happy Easter everyone :)

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A quick hello and some impressions from this beautiful easter day in Ascona :). We are spoiled with the nicest weather, it really feels like spring – such a perfect day. So it was worth to take the trip from Zurich to Ascona, which took me around 6 hours haha (hello traffic jam)! But I arrived save and in a way I enjoyed being in my car, listening to music and didn’t have to do anything else than driving…

Wish you a wonderful weekend and I hope everybody has some time off and can relax a bit 🙂

P_Eugenies_Ascona_Fashion_1P_Eugenies_Ascona_Fashion_3Huge salad with beetroot, carrots and peas P_Eugenies_Ascona_Fashion_5P_Eugenies_Ascona_Fashion_6Home made Ice tea: Took some regular tea bags (this time I used orange flavour, but I like it with any fruit tea) and hot water, gave some stevia in it and put it in the fridge for about 3 hours – better and much healthier than any normal ice tea after my opinion 🙂P_Eugenies_Ascona_Fashion_7

Simplest breakfast ever – felt a little but uninspired when I had to buy my breakfast at the highway rest stop and the choice of prodcuts wasn’t really that huge, so I ended up with this haha 🙂

P_Eugenies_Ascona_Fashion_2Pictures by: Franziska Neuhaus

  • Tamara & Mathura
    Juni 26, 2015

    Toller Beitrag! Die Fotos verleihen einem richtiges Fernweh! 😉

    Schönes Wochenende ihr Lieben!

  • Tamara & Mathura
    Juni 26, 2015

    Toller Beitrag! Verleiht einem richtig Fernweh! 😉

    Habt ein schönes Wochenende ihr Lieben!

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