Good times

Hello lovely readers 🙂

How are you all? As you probably know I’m still in London, enjoying my last weeks here and trying not to get affected by the nervous feelings around me because of the exam that is going to happen next week! I really „told“ myself that these are my holidays, so I wanna enjoy them to the fullest and certainly not waste my time in one of the most incredible cities in the woooorld with worrying about an exam that won’t really influence my future that much 🙂 So saying that, I feel like I have to come back to London soon. Was thinking about study here for a while or at least coming back during the winter holidays:) I met people here I won’t forget and even if I’m normally not a person who takes other to my heart very quick, I will miss some of them for sure when I’m back in Zurich… But enough emotional talking: The clothes I’m wearing in the pictures are a mixture between new and old and obviously, they are very comfortable and perfect for a sightseeing stroll through the city when your family members are visiting you 😉 The jewellery is from a store in Notting Hill – fell i love with it, so cute don’t you think? (Haha and if you wonder why I look to the left on nearly every picture… I might have thought thats my „chocolat“ side at this day :S )

Have a great evening and thank you for reading 🙂

Eugenies_London_Patricia_Forever21 Eugenies_London_Patricia_Forever21_3 Eugenies_London_Patricia_Forever21_4 Eugenies_London_Patricia_Forever21_5 Eugenies_London_Patricia_Forever21_6 Eugenies_London_Patricia_Forever21_8Pictures by: Sabine Neuhaus

Edit by: Patricia Neuhaus


  • Shirt: Forever 21
  • Jacket: Forever 21
  • Jeans: Topshop (old)
  • Shoes: old
  • Jewellery: Store in Notting Hill

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