Good Times

Hello lovely readers 🙂

I hope you all had a good weekend so far. I spent my afternoon and evening yesterday with my bestfriend who studies in Vienna for this semester but came back to Zurich for a short weekend trip :). Lucky me she was so lovely to take some pictures of my outfit – the people I’m surrounded seem to be pretty busy these times so it’s not always that easy to find a patient photographer (and they have to be patient… I’m hardly ever satisfied with the results, so it can take quite a long time until I have some pictures which I think are at least „ok“ 😀 ). We had dinner together at my place, spent a fortune for some drinks at Rive Gauche (at least we saved money by eating at my place :O) and finally I went clubbing with some friends :).

I wear an outfit which I would not wear like this in my daily life at University but it’s a combination I would choose for a rather formal dinner or just for any occassion which asks for some elegant clothing pieces which are stylish but not too extravagant.

Wish you a great sunday and thank you for reading 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_1 Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_2 Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_3 Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_4 Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_5 Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_6 Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_7 Eugenies_Patricia_Iro_KurtGeiger_Blackbeard_9Pictures by: Sonja Ramseier


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