Coffee at Globus + Lunch at Puro + Friends (and mommy <3) + Sun = perfect Day

What a good day it was! It’s still a weird feeling to get up in the morning without 1000 things on your „to-do list“. Love these days right now, chilling by the lake, having lunch at nice restaurants (today again at Puro located near Paradeplatz), sipping on cup of coffee at Globus  and browsing through all the shops. But as much as I love these chill days, I’m not that kind of person who likes to do nothing for a long time –  it doesn’t make me happy, I start to think about everything and nothing and I feel like I’m wasting my time and should do something… Talking about doing something: I’m leaving for Barcelona on Thursday. I’ve never been there before and the trip wasn’t really planned in advanced so I’m excited to see what this city has to offer 😀 After that I’ll attend a Lightroom Photo course and I’m really looking forward doing this: I have no idea about photoshop nor do I know how all the different settings of my camera work… It’s like you have a Ferrari and don’t know where to step on the gas :/ Hope I’ll improve and take the blog on a higher level 🙂 I hope you guys do have some nice holiday plans as well and thank you for reading 🙂

XX Patricia

Aww and let’s not forget: They sell Benci Brother Shoes at Jelmoli and currently many products are on Sale (I know I said I don’t like Sale but I’m taking it back for this time…). The pair I’m wearing on the pictures are on Sale as well:  I wore them the whole day and my feet are still alive, so that speaks for the shoes 😉

Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_Benci Brothers_Dior_10Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_1 Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_2 Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_3 Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_5 Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_6 Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_7 Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_8 Eugenies_Patricia_Puro_BenciBrothers_Zara_Dior_9


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