The Glittery Sneakers

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Hello everyone 🙂

Weekend, sun, glittery sneakers – happy times :). Patricia and I couldn’t not take advantage of the gorgeous weather that we are blessed with at the moment and so we went out to take some pictures on sunday. I was wearing my favourite shoes at the moment (sneakers and glitter in one item – what could I ask more for?) and two gorgeous necklaces from Evelyne-M, a jewellery designer based in Zurich. When walking around the area where I live a few days ago, my friend showed me this little jewellery store. I was hooked from the very first second, her pieces are exactly the kind of jewellery I love. I’m always inpressed and amazed when I see, as in this case, a young woman having her own jewellery line or even store. I find it inspiring and intimidating at the same time, because I always feel like „I couldn’t do it“..which isn’t true, I know. But sometimes I just feel like others are stronger, more ambitious and more persistant than I could ever be. Which of course is just an assumption as long as I don’t try it out. So when I recently celebrated my birthday I told myself that my goal for this next year would be to TRY. Try to do things I haven’t had the courage yet, without thinking „I can’t do it“ in advance. And so chances that some things will happen, that I’ll reach some of my goals, chances for positive results are much bigger than if I don’t try at all. And until then I’ll wear my beautiful necklaces and be happy that some others have had the courage to realize their dreams already ;).

Have a nice day and thank you for reading.



Photos by: Patricia Neuhaus

My outfit:

Blazer: Zara (old)

T-Shirt: Zalando

Leggins: Nike (similar ones here)

Sneakers: Maje

Earrings: H&M

Necklaces: Evelyne-M (Store: Badenerstr.131, 8004 Zürich)





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