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Hey hey 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great week so far! University has started again and it’s great to have my routine back and to see all the lovely people again 🙂 Though, I hope that during the next weeks I will have enough time to do everything I wanna do beside the university stuff, like (of course) blogging, working out, doing some courses in photography, writing my applications and so on… I don’t like if I’m not able to finish the things which have to be done, just because I feel too stressed (so that’s the reason why I’m writing this text at 11.30 pm haha). Just before preparing this post, I was out for dinner with my godfather! We went to a pretty small place in the middle of Zurich – it’s one of these restaurants you actually would never put a foot in it if you didn’t know how absolutely amazing the food is 😀 so I NEEDED to have an appetizer, maincourse, dessert and some glasses of wine – perfect evening!

The pictures were taken last weekend – my sister and I walked around the town, in search of a nice place to shoot some pictures and after this, we headed to Dini Mueterto enjoy some coffee and my absolutely favourite ginger tea in the world. The sun was shining and we were happy – couldn’t imagine a better saturday!

Hope you all have a great time and thank you for reading 🙂 Eugenies_Iro_Zürich_2015_3 Eugenies_Zürich_Iro_205_10 Eugenies_Zürich_Iro_2015_1 Eugenies_Zürich_Iro_2015_4 Eugenies_Zürich_Iro_2015_6 Eugenies_Zürich_Iro_2015_7 Eugenies_Zürich_Iro_2015_8Eugenies_Zürich_iro_2015_9Photos by: Sabine Neuhas


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