Flea market fun at Schönau Zurich

Hello everyone

I loove going to flea markets. Until now I always went to look at or buy things. Considering the amount of jewellery, clothes and just things in general I have, it was time to change the side of the stand.

And so last weekend I went to a flea market that took place in front of a restaurant in Zurich called Schönau (more details are down below). Having collected jewellery since I’ve been about 12 years old I have quite a collection. A lot of the pieces I don’t actually wear anymore (it was much easier to actually use all the pieces when I still wore 5 huge necklaces and an uncountable amound of bracelets and rings at one time) and so I though it might be a good thing to try to sell some of them. Once I had layed them all out nicely at the market, everything looked so beautiful that it nearly broke my heart (no exaggeration here) to think that one of the things may soon be gone forever. So I put some rings, bracelets and necklaces back on to save them from potential buyers. Finally I sold some pieces anyway and was happy to see other girls loving something that I haven’t worn in years 🙂

By the way, if you live in Zurich (or if you don’t but wanna come here for a nice dinner) you might want to visit Schönau. It’s a place where the atmosphere is very easy (you can also go there for lunch or coffee) whilst the food and drinks are high quality. Have a look at their menu –  I got quite hungry when I did so :).

Have a nice week and thank you for reading


Eugenies_Sabine_Schönau_Restaurant_Zürich img_5897 img_5896 Eugenies_Sabine_Schönau_Restaurant_Zürich img_5893 img_5907 img_5906 img_5905 img_5904Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus

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