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Hello everybody 🙂

That was probably the longest absence I’ve ever had from the blog and I feel a bit bad about it. Honestly there are different reasons and if I sum them up in 3 words they would be: 1. occupied with work; 2. lack of motivation and 3. I’m still searching for the thing I really want to blog about… This third point means quite a lot to me: I love the blog and when I think back to two years ago when we set it all up, it still makes me happy that we did it (I know it’s boring to hear from people running a blog how much work it is and so on, but even if I’m not a huge fan of people complaining about it all the time, I can tell you, setting up a blog or any other site is a bit of work 😉 ). But I think I am more or less at the same point with the blog as I am with my studies:

I’ve just celebrated my bachelor degree and I’m continuing with my masters now… that means, in not even 2 years I should know what I wanna do in my life. And while I really like my studies and love to hear the lectures, I still have no idea where I wanna go. Sometimes I feel like a huge corporate law firm  (we all know Suits, right? ;)) is exactly my thing… and 2 days later I feel like working in a little, cozy company with only a few employees… and again 2 days later I think about doing another master after this one, maybe in the hotel industry… I guess it’s fair enough to say, I don’t really have a plan, even if I know that I like the subject itself.

I have the same feeling about the blog: I love writing, I love shooting pictures, having a platform where I can share thoughts, food, pictures and so on with other people. But while Eugenies is still mainly a fashionblog where we show what I’m wearing during the day, I’m just not sure if I wanna stay with it. Our dean of the law section of our university (no idea how to say that in english…) told us the other day that if we do not know yet where we wanna go, we should write down what we like, what we wish for, what makes us excited, what raises our attention and maybe, that, together with trying out, will lead our way… I now try to do the same with the blog: writing down all the ideas that are popping up in my head connected to the blog, ‚cause I think there may be something to present, to write about or to show that wasn’t written about by 10 mio other girls around the world yet 😉

Hope you guys staying with me on that way and the next blogpost will be published soon 😀

XX Patricia

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Pictures by: Sabine Neuhaus


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