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Hey again 🙂

another weekend passed by way too fast and led to a monday morning with the alarm ringing way too early 😉 But it was such a nice day yesterday that I coulnd’t really complain and even if it might sound strange, it made me happy when I left the flat and walked out the door at 7.30 AM and already felt the sunlight and could breath in the fresh air haha! I think sometimes it helps to realize how lucky you are when you imagine how much worse everything could be (I mean honestly, how often do we have weather like this in Switzerland?!)… but enough of this philosophical stuff 😉

As I mentioned, Sabine and I cancelled our plans to visit Cyprus again and we decided to go to Lenzerheide for some days instead! Not quite the same spending the time in the Swiss mountains or lying on the beach in Cyprus, but I’m still looking forward to the next few days as they will be filled with good food, lazy dvd evenings and if there is still some money left after all the coffee and restaurant visits also some nice shopping (jep, some reading for university has to be done too, but that’s not part of my daydreaming 🙂 )

Speaking about the sunny weather and the good times, I decided to choose these photos for this post as they were shot when we were in Ascona back in August. This also explains why I wear a tummy shirt (which I normally DON’T…)! Walking around in Zurich with a shirt that doesn’t cover your belly properly would be kind of weird for me! It’s not that I think it’s not ok but personally I just woulnd’t feel comfortable with it. In Ascona it’s kind of another situation: I always feel like I’m already in Italy (even if it’s in Switzerland what many people don’t know!!) and I adapt this „Dolce Vita“ atmosphere 😀

Have a nice day 🙂

DSC04838_eugenies_1200pxDSC04843_eugenies_1200pxDSC04844_eugenies_1200pxDSC04852_eugenies_1200pxDSC04855_eugenies_1200pxDSC04870_eugenies_1200pxPhotos by: Caroline Neuhaus

Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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