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Hello everyone 🙂

Today I wanted to show you what I am basically wearing everyday.

My uniform consists of leggings, because leg freedom is the key to feel confortable people! (Do you remember those Miss Sixty jeans that cut off your blood as soon as you sat down? And showed every single inch of your underwear? What a great look :)), a blazer of course, a long t-shirt (why the hell all these crop tops at the moment? WHY?!“), white sneakers (the leather version by Vans are the most beautiful and confortable out of the around 50 pairs I own), lots of gold bangles, lots of rings and a hat.

I have many different blazers and t-shirts like this one, so I can vary them depending on if I feel like wearing all black or maybe including a bit of colour (if white and grey even count as colours) into my outfit. Speaking of colour: Because I only wear very neutral shades, I like wearing a bag like this one because it adds a bit of oomph into my rather dark appearance. The one on the pictures is by Blackbeard, a high quality Swiss bag brand, designed and owned by Carola Frei. We recently had the pleasure to visit her in her aterlier and I’ve been absolutely in love with this bag ever since. It even fits a laptop, a small folder and an umbrella (what do you need more?), so I’ve been wearing it every single day. I normally wear backbags most of the time because I like having my arms free, but because this one has a shoulderstrap it doesn’t bother me at all. And last but not least, the colours are neutral enough to go with literally every single item in my wardrobe.

So..I think that’s it. Go check out the links below if you like anything and I wish you a wonderful day 🙂

xx Sabine



Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus


My outfit:

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