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Heyhey 🙂

A last Summer outfit post before autumn (or should I say winter?) really reaches us! I hope you all had a great week? Mine was pretty good, exactly the right amount of things to do but not that much, that it feels like you have to hurry up and can’t enjoy a single moment… we all know these weeks, don’t we? And sometimes I feel like this even if I don’t really have much to do (maybe physical stress haha), strange! So from that point there is nothing to complain… but there is this othe (absolutely annoying but necessary) goal I set myself: to SAVE MONEY! And while I was pretty good at it last month I absolutely failed this month. But girls (and maybe also men… do we even have a male reader haha?) I’m sure you can understand me: everything was fine with my saving plans and I already was pretty sure that there is nothing that can make me weak and spending my money at! Until I walked into this absolutely aaaaaaamazing secondhand store called Luxury shop, and it wasn’t even my idea to take a look. That’s the worst: you didn’t even think about the possibility to buy something and finally you are the one leaving the shop with stuffed bags and a much lighter purse… if you feel familiar with this kind of situation – you are not alone, I feel with you! If you are not on a saving trip (or you are but want to challenge yourself) go and take a look at the Luxury shop located at RĂ€mistrasse next to Bellevue: I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! And to see not only the bad: I’m so freaking happy about the new stuff I bought that preferably I would wear them every day! And not to forget – I did something good for our economy by spending money, so where is the problem? 😉

DSC05190_eugeniesDSC05201_eugeniesDSC05217_eugenies_1200px DSC05273_eugenies_1200pxDSC05318_eugenies_1200pxPhotos by: Caroline Neuhaus

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