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Hello everybody 🙂

Actually it’s way to early to write this post… exactly 7 AM haha! But I really feel like it’s not a good idea to keep it up for later, as I always use the blog as an excuse to not have to do my stuff for university! These pictures were shot in Ascona back in August. I really miss Ascona, it’s just the most beautiful part of Switzerland for me  – well, as long as the weather is like on the day when we shot the photos… when there is rain in Ascona it’s really annoying: there is just nothing you can do, except of spending the day in a nice Spa of one of the hotels down there (but don’t plan to do so if you are short on money hahah, they are way too expensive!). Or what we did when we were children and our parents had no plan what do with us… you can visit the chocolate factory. I can remember, this was always soo much fun, even if we all didn’t really like the chocolate there :O But if you are in Ascona on a rainy day, keep this in mind 🙂 So talking about chocolate, something that is not far away from that: WINE (I’m back in our adult days, just to be clear…)! Yesterday I went to the wineship as the Expovina is currently taking place on the Lake of Zurich. It’s still going until next thursday, so if you wanna go I highly recommend it! It’s not the best idea to visit it in the evening as it is pretty crowded, but still fun: we had the luck that we came across vendors who were so friendly – they really had fun explaining all the wines and so we could taste many different ones 😉

Some words to the outift: The white shirt I’m wearing on this photo is not white anymore… I washed it with something not so white (not the perfect housewife yet…) and so it is white with blue spots now! At least the rest of the outfit still exists! The jeans are from Zara and they are the perfect ones for a warm summer evening as they are pretty light! My bag is from Prada and I got it from the Foxtown Outlet in Mendrisio (HEAVEN on earth!) and my sunnies are from Marc by Marc Jacobs which I bought in Zurich in the Grieder Store. And not to forget my all time favourite shoes from Mango – I think I couldn’t live without them anymore, even it I’m only talking about shoes… 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

DSC04909DSC04922DSC04926DSC04940DSC04963DSC04975Photos by: Caroline Neuhaus


  • Dein Verehrer
    November 11, 2014

    Hallo, schöne Fotis 😀

  • Georg B.
    November 11, 2014

    Hey Patricia,

    find di en mega tolli persönlichkeit. lueg jetz scho uu lang dini blog ah und han mi la inspiriere. muess jetzt unbidingt au so en siite mache, de chansch mr denn au fallaue. han so denkt eppis im stil vo lifestyle beratig und so.. wa haltisch drvooo ?

    hoffe kennsch mi, bin dr Georg vom Zürifestivall

    ghört sich

    din georg <3

  • Regina Gonçalves
    November 12, 2014

    I love that bag 🙂


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