Deliciously Ella’s Sweet potato brownies – refined sugar free

Hello lovely readers 🙂

some weeks ago I promised my grandpa who doesn’t tolare refined sugar to bake him something sweet he can eat. Of course – the first thing that came to my mind was the brownie recipe from Deliciously Ella. I guess most of you know it already but for the ones who are not yet familiar with it I link it HERE. Believe me, it might sound a bit „strange“ for you, if you’ve never had a dessert like this but it’s soooo freaking good + much healthier than desserts containing a lot of refined sugar, butter and processed ingredients (although I’m not the one who thinks that your body can’t handle it when you enjoy a creamy chocolat cake now and again, so keep on doing so 😉 ).

Wish you all a great weekend

XX Patricia

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