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Hey hey 🙂

I’m really happy that I finally found some time to write a new post – it really became kind of a hobby during the last two months and I try to keep it going even if there are other things to do next to it 🙂 If you read Sabine’s last post you already know that we spent our last Saturday evening at Piccolo Giardino and I also have to mention again how wonderful this cozy evening was (cozy for us, not for Sabine who had to work and was running around like hell haha) – perfect food with a perfect atmosphere and it really touched my heart to see how happy the chef (for whom’s foundation they collected money is) was about the success of the evening and the happy people who enjoyed his food. So this weekend was like the perfect preparation for another intense week (ok ok, my week is not soooo intense and hard as it might sound yet, but a lazy weekend is never wrong, isn’t it?). But next to all these great things that happen in life there are also the horrible ones as we all know… Sabine and I planned to go to Cyprus again next week (… as if the semester break wasn’t long enough…) but because of the awful things that happen in Syria which isn’t even 100 km away from Cyprus we decided not to go again. I feel really sorry for all the people there who have to suffer all this pain und cruelty that makes just no sense!

But to end this post with something not so sad, some words about my outfit: this coat became one of my favorites ones because even in autumn I like to wear some bright colors. Too often when you look around in autumn (or even more in winter) you realize that  many people are wearing mainly black, which makes it kind of boring I think… You can also say it’s a very desperate try to hold back summer by wearing colors that remind you of summer :O how ever, I hope you like the pictures and I wish you a nice day 🙂

Eugenies_1Eugenies_2Eugenies_4Eugenies_5Eugenies_6Eugenies_7Eugenies_9Eugenies_8Photos and Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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