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Good morning everybody 🙂

This post is a little bit different to the ones we’ve done before, as we took the photos inside instead of searching for some nice places outside… Normaly I prefer having the nature as a background as it makes everything much more natural and not so much like we’re having a photoshoot now (I mean we all know these „photoshoots“ where you go to a studio, where’s a piano or whatever in the background and you are asked to strike some totally natural poses, don’t we haha?)

As you surely all realized it’s finally weekend! Even if I’m not a Only living for the weekend person, I’m pretty happy that the week is over as me and some friends will have some delicious burgers and do some bowling tonight, so this is gonna be fun I think! Btw: if some of our readers can recommend a good (or the best!) burger space in town…let us know please! I’ve already tried lots and lots, but I’m still searching for THE place 😉

Some words to the outfit: The comfy trousers I’m wearing in the pictures are soooo old, I can’t remember anymore where I bought them! But they are just the perfect choice if you are not in the mood (and since I’m pretty often not in this mood, I wear them nearly all the time) to squeeze yourself into tight jeans – even if I love jeans, sometimes it’s just not the right outfit for spending the whole day sitting in the libary! Imagine you are very motivated to read your texts, write your essay, watch your podcasts or whatever and than you have to leave the libary earlier, just because your trousers are absolutely uncomfortable… would be sad, wouldn’t it? 😉 But lucky me I’m not only wearing trousers on the pictures, so I stop talking about them now and move forward to the rest: The shirt is from Mango and I really like the way you can combine it with all different kinds of outfits – if casual or elegant! And of course the most important piece is the necklace I got from my sisters and which I looooooooove so much 🙂

Enjoy your weekend dears!

Happy weekend - Eugenies, Fashionblog from Zurich

Eugenies - Fashionblog from Zurich

Happy Weekend - Eugenies, Fashionblog from Zurich

Happy weekend - Eugenies, Fashionblog from Zurich

Photos by: Caroline Neuhaus


  • Trousers: old
  • Shirt: Mango
  • Shoes: Mango
  • Jewellery: Almog

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