Comfy clothes – Forever21 dress, Vera Pelle Jacket and Tribe Shoes

Hello you all 🙂

I’m not going to lie – I wore these clothes at Uni yesterday, because I met my sister right afterwards to take some pictures for the blog… and I didn’t feel comfortable at all wearing them. I think the more I’m interested in fashion, the more I love the simple clothes, the one that make you feel good, these pair of jeans, you can have lunch in it and it doesn’t feel like they gonna explode afterwards… Well, this outfit wasn’t one of that kind haha: I had to wear tights, which were way too tight and beside this, I felt overdressed ! But as much I appreciate comfy clothes, wearing the same type of jeans all the time on the picture doesn’t make much sense neither… :O Though, I realized once more, how important it is, to wear clothes you feel good in it: so cheers to the ripped jeans, the sneakers or whatever pieces you feel good in it;)


XX Patricia

Eugenies_Patricia_forever21_tribe_verapelle_2Eugenies_Patricia_forever21_tribe_verapelle_7 Eugenies_Patricia_forever21_tribe_verapelle_4 Eugenies_Patricia_forever21_tribe_verapelle_6



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