Colours – Sandro Dress and new Miu Miu Sunnies :)

Hey lovely readers 🙂

Even if it was such a beautiful day, I spent most of it at the library… but anyway it is much nicer to have weather like this: everything (even the way to the library early in the morning!) makes more fun:)  But when I came home I wanted to seize the opportunity of the great sunshine and shoot this summer dress I bought 2 weeks ago while I was in London. Honestly, most of the clothes at Sandro were on Sale and I nearly flipped out – I went there with absolutely no intention to buy anything (actually the only thing I was thinking about was food, because I was starving) and ended up with buying… a lot :O. So the dress on the picture is one the thing that is to blame for my lack of money now. Hope you like the dress and if you wonder if I really went to the library like this? Of course NOT! I guess everybody would hate me if I walked around with these shoes and make noise all the time 😉

Have a great evening 🙂

Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Navyboot_Fossil_25.8_7 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Navyboot_Fossil_25.8_3 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Navyboot_Fossil_25.8_2 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Navyboot_Fossil_25.8_1

Pictures by: Franziska Neuhaus

Edit by: Patricia Neuhaus


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