Colours! (feat. Blackbeard Bags)

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Hello friends 🙂

A little story behind the pictures you see below: The bag I’m wearing is by Blackbeard Bags, a Swiss high-end bag brand designed by Carola Frei. We got to start a little project with her a few months back and so we wanted the photos with the bags to turn out a bit more professional than our usual ones.

Most of the time Patricia and I take our pictures together, without anyone else being involved. When we started the blog a little bit more than a year ago I felt quite unconfortable in front of the camera. It still isn’t something that I enjoy that much, but in the beginning it was much worse. During the past year I’ve learnt to relax a lot and now, when it’s just my sister and me I’m totally okay with it. But when we planned to take some pictures with someone that was a) a photographer, b) a guy  and c) that I didn’t know at all, I got a bit scared. I thought „What if he doens’t like the way I look?“, „What if he isn’t happy with how the pictures turn out?“, „What if…!?“..but surprisingly, the day we took the photos with him, I reeally started to enjoy what we where doing. I’m still not one to jump with joy in front of the camera, but we had a lot of fun together and that’s why I’m really happy with these pictures 🙂

I normally wear this bag with my usual black, white and grey clothes (which you can see here & here) but it also goes perfectly with more colourful options. I chose one of my favourite coats from Zara, grey business trousers and some Adidas Stan Smith’s for a „businessy but still easy“ outfit (great description!). Basically I wanted to show that the bag goes with a lot of different styles and is suitable for various occasions. Go and check out Blackbeard’s website, a new online shop is in the making so you’ll soon be able to look at all of their gorgeous pieces.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a very happy week 🙂

xx Sabine



Photos & edit by: Luca Greco

My Outfit:

Coat: Zara

Bag: The Jam shoulderbag by Blackbeard Bags (new webshop is coming soon)

Earrings: Pompidou


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