Favourite Cafés in Zurich

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As you probably realized I’m pretty often on the go – there is barely a day where I’m not out for lunch/dinner or at least a coffee. So I thought it might be fun to take some photos of my favourite spots where I spend most of my time and which sometimes feel a little bit like a second home (at least when I’m there with good friends or part of my familiy). As there are too many restaurans, bars, cafés etc to mention all my favourites in one post I picked my 5 favourite spots to go for a coffee (which doesn’t mean that these places do not also offer great food, drinks and most of them also brunch) in Zurich for this post. Let me know what you think about them if you ever have (or already had) the chance to visit one of the places I’ll mention below 🙂

XX Patricia

1. Piccolo Giardino

– This one is more Sabine’s place and less my place as she is working there – so you can be sure that you are welcomed by a friendly stuff 😉 I love the place as there is always such a warm atmosphere, cozy light and some candles and flowers around! I prefer to go there for my coffee after dinner, as it is pretty close to our home, but Piccolo Giardino also offers great food for lunch and dinner (don’t underestimate the menu – it’s pretty large for a „bar“) and turns into a place you can go to have a drink in the evening.




Photos by: Tripadvisor

Piccolo Giardino

Schöneggplatz 9

8004 Zürich  


2. Forum

– Another favourite place of mine but completely different to the first one mentioned: If you like something a little bit more fancy with a bit less personality but a more international touch it’s a great place. Forum is famous for its amazing brunch and also its fabulous burgers (which are pretty often 50 % off if you book it via deindeal.ch ;)) – and of course it’s also a great place to enjoy a good coffee: especially in the afternoon when it is a little bit calmer than the rest of the day it’s such a cozy place to sip on your coffee and watching the people pass by!

Eugenies_Forum6 Eugenies_Forum5 Eugenies_Forum4 Eugenies_Forum3 Eugenies_Forum2 Eugenies_ForumPhotos by: Patricia Neuhaus


Badenerstrasse 120

8004 Zurich


3. Dini Mueter

– Right next to Forum Dini Mueter is located (for those who don’t speak swiss german – this place is called your mother in swiss language…) I’m pleased with the friendlyness of the staff every single time I go there. You always feel welcomed and they make you not wanna leave the place again (I could sit there for hours haha)! Next to their coffee, to which you get a great nut cookie, I highly recommend their ginger tea with fresh ginger of course, honey and a lemon squash. They also offer brunch – the menu is much smaller than the one at Forum but if you like it cozy and simple but yet delicious and healthy you will be happy for sure!

Eugenies_DiniMueter7 Eugenies_DiniMueter6 Eugenies_diniMueter5 EUgenies_DiniMueter4 Eugenies_DiniMueter3 Eugenies_DiniMueter2Photos by: Patricia Neuhaus

Dini Mueter

Langstrasse 10

8004 Zurich


4. Grande

– I don’t think that I have to say much about this place – just go there, try their coffee and just form your own opinion 😉 I always have to watch out to not order too much coffee here because it’s just too good! If you expect fancy coffee like the ones you get in Starbucks, with caramel, cream and 5 different sorts of milk, this is not the right place for you – Grande celebrates the Italian way of coffee: Dark, strong coffee! Here, coffee is not the side issue it’s the centerpiece! But before all the not coffee lovers in the world fear that they won’t get anything at Grande, I can calm you: you also get excellent cakes (don’t trust the names of the cakes – one of them is called the Ugly cake but believe me, even if the cake really isn’t the prettiest one, its beauty comes from inside!), home made limonade and sandwiches which are delivered by Johnbaker (you know, this new fancy bakery next to Stadelhofen train station).

Eugenies_Graned6 Eugenies_grande9 Eugenies_grande8 Eugenies_Grande5 Eugenies_Grande4 Eugenies_Grande2 Eugenies_GrandePhotos by: Patricia Neuhaus


Limmatquai 118

8001 Zurich


5. Bovelli

Bovelli is kind of the sister (brother…) of Grande as they are owned by the same people! What they both have in common is the high quality of their coffee! Regardless of whether you enjoy your coffee at Grande or at Bovelli, you won’t be disappointed. I would recommend Bovelli for the busier ones among us – the place has a pretty fresh atmosphere, only a few tables at the edge and a huge bar: perfect if you want to enjoy your 10 minute break with a good cup of coffee at a place where you get great, fast service in a relaxed atmosphere even if its pretty crowed. BTW: if you have a little bit more time, why not enjoying a delicious lunch or dinner at Hiltl (oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world) before heading to Bovelli for your coffee and maybe a sfogliatelle? These two places are located next to each other 🙂

Eugenies_Bovelli6 Eugenies_Bovelli5 Eugenies_Bovelli4Eugenies_Bovelli8Eugenies_Bovelli2 Eugenies_BovelliPhotos by: Patricia Neuhaus


Sihlstrasse 20

8001 Zurich 

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