A burger a day keeps the doctor away…

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Hey again 🙂

Perfect time to write this post – I’m starving right now but I have to wait because I’m gonna meet a friend of mine for dinner in the city to eat some burgers (I was kind of dreaming of burgers the last days so I thought I finally needed a REAL one) – BTW: if you live in Zurich, or you are thinking of visiting Zurich once, try the burgers in the Regenbogenbar. For all the people out there who know this place – I know, it’s not a place which you call a fancy or „hip“  place (It isn’t even in Kreis 4, this already makes it a little bit less cool I know…) but it’s definitely worth giving their burgers a try! Ok I stop now, I think I’m kind of crazy talking that much about burgers…

So if you follow us on instagram (if you don’t do so yet, feel free to be our instagram friend 😉 ) you may have recognized that I finally bought all the stuff for my new room! It feels so good to finally live in a room with light, a carpet, and all the little nice things you (or at least most of the girls!) need to feel comfortable. I think interior design is similar to clothes: too much of everything is never good but it needs these little things that give your room a special touch (as jewellery or a bag or a fancy jacket do) and give it kind of a „warm atmosphere“. But even if I’m pretty happy that I have all my stuff now, it wasn’t fun to buy them at all: going to IKEA on a saturday is just one of the most stupid ideas you can have… so DON’T do that (really: NEVER EVER do this!)

The outfit I’m wearing in the pictures below involves some of my favourite pieces! I really never was the jeans kind of girl, I always thought they made me look bad in a way… but time changed and more than ever I like clothes that are comfortable and give you a good feeling when wearing them. I think I realized that trousers can be comfortable and stylish at once (I know it is always a personal opinion what you call stylish…but I think what finally counts is that you feel good in them! If you do so, you did a good job choosing them, no matter what someone else thinks about your decision…amen 😉 )!

Have a good week and thanks for reading!

Eugenies Met 1_2Eugenies Met 1_4Eugenies Met 1_5Eugenies Met 1_6 Eugenies Met 1_3Eugenies Met 1_8

Photos and Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


  • Total look: Only
  • Shoes: Buffalo (old)


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  • Susanne
    November 20, 2014

    witziger Blog- wie immer unterhaltsam!
    visit Berne and the new restaurant toi & moi next to main.station…. there you find a great burger börger (so it’s named)…

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