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Good morning everybody 🙂

Did you have a great start into the weekend? I had to change plans… Actually me and one of my best friends planed to go to Ascona, enjoy the nice weather, get a little tan and indulge at Ivo Adams restaurant. So as always – it came differently: the weather is so bad in the south of Switzerland that it’s not worth to hit the road for 4 hours. Now I’ll spend this saturday at home, finish some readings, go to the gym and later we’ll drive to Luzern to spend the night there at the beautiful Restaurant Alexander -I’m already so excited about the food 😀 As you might have seen on instagram – we had our first little grill party and it was such a cozy night – for me this was the perfect start into the weekend:)

The pictures you can see below are from last week. I felt a little inspired by these pictures from Kenzas. I loved how great the lenght of her dress looks on her, so I wanted to recreate this look a little bit. The style of my dress isn’t the same at all, as I prefere it a little bit more classy and elegant, but in my opinion, this mid-lenght also works for these kinds of dresses.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a great weekend 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_BSB_Zurich_25.4_3 Eugenies_BSB_Zurich_25.4_4 Eugenies_BSB_Zurich_25.4_5 Eugenies_BSB_Zurich_25.4_6 Eugenies_BSB_Zurich_25.4_7 Eugenies_BSB_Zurich_25.4_9Eugenies_BSB_Zurich_25.4_1Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus

Edit by: Patricia Neuhaus


  • Dress: BSB clothing (no longer available)
  • Shoes: Buffalo (no longer available)
  • Necklace: Zara

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