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Good evening 🙂

We took these pictures yesterday evening: my little sister is so sweet – she always takes pictures of me before we head to dinner and I’m very thankful for that. She is pretty patient and you never have to tell her how to hold the camera so you don’t look very small or plump or whatever… Talking about plump: When I saw these pictures for the first time, I was very unhappy about how my legs look on them – It’s like my „trouble zone“ and I always focus on them. Funny how we (or many of us or maybe just me) automatically focus on what we don’t like about ourselves, don’t you think? But I’m glad I’m a bit older now haha – so instead of belittle myself and keep on thinking about everything I don’t like I told myself to stop: we live once, we look how we look and most important: at the end of the day it has absolutely no influence on our happiness. So if some of you sometimes do the same – worrying about things you’ll probably never be able to change, maybe it’s worth to ask yourself  how much you have in your hands to change it? If it’s part of what you can influence, than maybe it makes sense to keep on thinking about it and making the changes which are necessary to get the results you wish… If it’s out of your sphere of influence, than it’s just a waste of time: Time we could use for fun stuff instead, having a good talk or just sipping on a good cocktail and enoying life 😉

XX Patricia

GetFileAttachment-2 GetFileAttachment-4 GetFileAttachment-6 GetFileAttachment-7GetFileAttachment-10 Eugenies_Zypern_Aldiana_ZaraPictures by: Caroline Neuhaus


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