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Hey lovely readers 🙂

I think a lot about the purpose of our blog and the sense behind it: Are people really interested to look at other people’s pictures showing their outfits? Do readers really want to scroll through instagram accounts which symbolize a perfect life? What makes people read your blog? Honestly, I haven’t yet found the answer and that’s why I sometimes think about stopping it all. For me it feels like I haven’t yet fully found the topic I really want to speak about. Of course, I love fashion but I know there is more Eugenies could stand for… As often in life, the moment I was thinking about giving it up, I stumbled upon an instagram post from Lara, the lady behind this faboulus and inspiring blog had the idea to set up a whatsapp group to help bloggers from all over the world get connected. It seems like I needes something like this to get some new inspiration!

Hope you all have a good weekend and thank you for reading

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Zara_Topshop_ Office_1 Eugenies_Zara_Topshop_ Office_2 Eugenies_Zara_Topshop_ Office_3 Eugenies_Zara_Topshop_ Office_4 Eugenies_Zara_Topshop_ Office_5Pictures by: Caroline Neuhaus


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