Birthday Eve

Good evening lovely people 🙂

In recent years, my Birthday/Exam timing couldn’t have been any better 😀 This year it was a bit different ‚cause I had one of the biggest exams on my birthday and still have some more to write – not the perfect time for partying.. So instead of a big party, I had a very cozy Birthday dinner with my sisters at Restaurant Gartenhof .   Can highly recommend this place to anyone who doesn’t yet know it! Their outside are is so beautfiul (or you can even say peaceful…) – you could sit there for hours just enjoying the night and having a could talk 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Gartenhof_Prada_Zara_MiuMIu_1 Eugenies_Gartenhof_Zara_Prada_MiuMiu_3 Eugenies_Gartenhof_Zara_Prada_MiuMiu_4 Eugenies_Gartenhof_Zara_Prada_MiuMiu_5 Eugenies_Gartenhof_Zara_Prada_MiuMiu_6 Eugenies_Gartenhof_Zara_Prada_MiuMiu_7 Eugenies_Gartenhof_Zara_Prada_MiuMiu_9 Eugenies_Gartenhof_Zara_Prada_MiuMiu_10


  • Shirt: Zara
  • Bag: Prada
  • Sunnies: Miu Miu
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  • Aurora
    Juni 30, 2016

    So beautiful flowers, want to get it.

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