Autumn Leaves

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Hello everyone 🙂

It is around 11 pm and I just walked home from work. Today was one of these days where you could see, smell and feel fall around you. The leaves seem to have turned orange, yellow and red overnight. On the one hand I loove fall and winter, I can’t wait to cuddle up in my warm clothes and to enjoy evenings at home whilst watching Bridget Jones for the 500th time. But then again, every time it starts getting cooler again, this means that another year has gone by..and the „older“ I get, the more it hits me how fast everything goes by. Days, weeks, months and even years. There’s so many things I still want to experience, see, feel, do..and sometimes I feel like there’s not enough time. Which is a dumb thing to think, I know. There’s a lot of time left for many many things. But sometimes I do get anxious. I’ll graduate from university next summer and then this huge, wonderful, hard, fun, sad, amazing period of my life will be over (I’m well aware that most people can’t wait for this moment). So today, as another summer comes to an end, I promised myself to try not to hope for a day to go by faster (because it won’t ever come back again, right?), or to enjoy classes that I normally would spend looking at clothes on the internet (which, let’s be honest, I’ll still do – thank you,!) – I’ll just give my best to live a little bit more consciously. That sounds like a good plan, right? :).

I nearly forgot to tell you about the clothes I’m wearing, which would have been bad because I like them a lot! It’s finally cool enough to wear my leather (or let’s be real – plastic) leggins again, the sweatshirt by an amazing brand called Rubismo (they did a collaboratino with this year’s Fashionhotel event in Zurich) is a great piece to wear in fall because it’s longsleeved but still quite light in texture and the coat has been one of my favourites for the last 5 years (it starts to fall apart, but I’ll wear it as long as there’s the tiniest bit of material left!).

Thank you for being here and have a nice day,

xx Sabine


Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus


My outfit:

Sweatshirt: Rubismo (this one)

Coat, Shoes & Earrings: Zara

Leggins: Topshop



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