AERIN by Estée Lauder Fragrance Collection Launch

Hello everyone 🙂

Two weeks ago Patricia and I had the chance to go to the launch of the new AERIN by Estée Lauder perfume collection launch. It took place at Globus in Zurich, a store where you can buy exclusive clothes, makeup, homeware and food (little p.s. from Patricia: never thought that I would ever say this but – yes, all the clothes and jewellery you can get at Globus are great, but the real „paradise“ is the food corner called Globus delicatessa – food shopping on a new level haha)  and so it was the perfect environment for the fragrance presentation.

The AERIN by Estée Lauder fragrance collection consists of 5 fragrances, all inspired by Aerin Lauder’s childhood. There’s for example Lilac Path that, according to Aerin Lauder, smells like the lilac that has been in her grandmother’s garden. Amber Musk as another example has been inspired by Aerin’s grandfather. Then there are also Evening Rose, Gardenia Rattan and Ikat Jasmine – all having a story behind their creation. The idea is that there should be one scent for every occasion in your life, depending on what time it is, depending on the occasion, on your mood. But I feel like these would be perfect to wear all day long and all year round. So if you have the chance to smell them, go ahead and let the scents take you somewhere far far away 🙂

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend.


xx Sabine


Photos by: Patricia Neuhaus

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