A „too many spoons of nutella“ kind of day

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It’s only been two weeks since I’ve been to Cyprus, wearing dresses, shorts, bikinis and, not to forget: a tan (there may or may not have been one or two red parts on my skin as well ;)). Back in Zurich not only the tan is fading (let’s NOT talk about it!) but also the swiss summer is getting slowly to its end (getting a bit dramatical here, but dont‘ you remember yourself shivering now and than in  the evening the last few days?) Sometimes, while riding my bike from work home, I even needed to pull out my scarf – and I can guarantee you it was not because of the cold airstream due to the incredible high speed my bike and me have going on ;). The good things about the slightly colder temperatures is that I can pull out all my favourite pieces of clothing again: I looove jackets, blazers, woolen cardigans, so things you can layer and that make you look put together very easily. Another important thing about fall clothes is in my optinion that you can take them off or put them back on whenever needed. Sometimes it’s very cold in the morning, than gets pretty warm during the day and in the evening you find yourself longing for a woolen blanket while sitting outside (maybe not if you are a boy, I’ve  just learnt a few days ago that men are too cool for woolen blankets – I feel reeeally sorry for you  ;). In the pictures below I’m wearing one of my very favourites comfy outfits. I have to admit that there are some days I can’t stand it to wear tight clothes. But I like to make it look as if it was a fashionable choice and not a consequence of too many chips, cookies or, oh boy, spoons full of nutella. On these days I thank Maje for there beautiful silk trousers and Zara for there blazers (of which I might have one in every colour and fit), two items that make me feel good every time I wear them.

I wish you a nice (and warm!) evening. I’m about to head out to dinner wearing my, surprise surprise, Maje trousers – so much room for lots and lots of good things to eat this evening 😉

DSC_5477DSC_5479SabineDSC_5521Photos and edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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