A little amount of tofu (or hell a lot of tofu ;) ), dates (= the thing you can eat, not what you might have on a saturday evening) and the question: how do you see yourself?

The title of this post is way too long – I’m pretty sure you could ask anyone who knows a bit about social media and blog traffic and he or she would tell you to not use such long titles – never ever :S But I had the feeling that all of it HAS to be in the title, so why not 😀

So let’s start with point 1. I think I got the idea from sailingthroughfitness (not 100% – sorry if I quote you wrong)… she (or maybe someone else) once wrote about blending silken tofu. Honestly I was a bit sceptical about it but that keeps life interesting I would say. So I bought 2 packages of tofu (about 500 grams) with the intention of blending one of them (I would recommend: blend both, otherwise you’ll regret it ;)) and ended up blending all and of course eating both. I mixed in 1 tbsp of sugar free cocoa powder and… and now that’s the important point 2: 4-5 dates! They are so ridiculously good, I could eat them all the time (btw: the other day I made a date-milk drink again: just mix 2 dl of milk with 6-7 dates and enjoy it as a desert!). If you like it sugary, add stevia (or normal sugar, maple sirup or more dates – just be aware of the fact that sugar remains sugar!) top it with more dates and some sugar free riz and quinoa pops (don’t know if the word pops exists in english – sorry).

Two more things to this „meal“: It’s not chocolate, nor it’s icecream, so you might not loooove it from the first bite because you expect something else. But in my case I started to like it more and more with every bite I had and now I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner ;). And that’s the second thing I wanted to add: I could pretend that I ate it for breakfast – actually it was my dinner. That might sound a bit strange but for me it perfectly worked: it’s super delicious, prepared in less than 5 minutes and rich in protein – so there is nothing that speaks against having it for dinner, right? 😉

Well enough talking about food, let’s jump to point 3: due to recent discussions I began to wonder  „why do people see you the way they do“? Is it all by coincidence that some people seem to get in touch with others suuuper easily while others struggle? I’m sure some scientists could tell you much more about non verbal language and all the little things we dont’t even recognize and which influence our relationships or the way we feel with others. But I think you don’t have to be a scientist to know that how you see yourself is how the world sees you! I strongly believe that this is true: Years ago I struggled a lot – I compared myself to others, I felt insecure and was extremely harsh to myself. At that time I knew the same people I still know now and which I call now my best friends but back in the days I wasn’t able (or at least that’s how I felt) to really build up a relationship. I guess as little I was able to like myself and to know what’s good for me and what’s not, others could figure out how and who I really was. I’ve never had the feeling that they didn’t like me. I just didn’t feel like we had a deep connection. But I couldn’t really connect with myself so no wonder they could neither.

I’m happy to say I don’t feel like this any longer. What I’ve learned is that when you feel like this, that it’s most probably not the others who have to change or who are to blame for if you often feel misunderstood. In my case it was me who had to change, who had to be able to like myself before I could expect that the others’ll recognize me. (I’m not praying self love here on the blog but being extremly harsh to yourself won’t be the key to succes and happiness…) Maybe you know what I’m talking about, maybe not: but taking a look at yourself before wanting to change the others might be helpful not only when it comes to friendship and relationships and that’s why I thought it’s worth to talk about on the blog:).  What I’ve often experienced the last couple of months is, that if you talk about things like this you might be surprised that others know exactly what you are talking about and but never mentioned it before.

Hope you like this recipe and the personal notes!



  • 400 gram silken tofu
  • 1 tbsp raw sugarfree cacao powder
  • 4-5 dates and more as topping
  • sugar free quinoa and riz pops
  • Note: sometimes they don’t have silken tofu at the grocery store but they most probably have at the larger ones or have a look at a wholefood store


  • 1. Blend tofu, dates and cacao powder until its smooth
  • 2. Add stevia or more dates, sugar if you like (depending on how heavy you want this recipe, use more stevia and less sugar, dates etc)
  • 3. Top with dates (palmyradelights) and sugarfree quinoa and riz pops
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