Kurkuma Chicken and some thoughts about irrational fears

Hey you all ūüôā

I know it’s been a while since I published my last blogpost. I’m doing again an internship and most of the evenings I’m somewhere out (how it was the plan for yesterday but both me and my friend didn’t feel very well so¬†we decided to stay at home …) or too lazy to cook a proper dish and instead¬†I prepare some vegetables with burrata (love it!). As I said – I feel a bit sick these days: earaches, sore throat and so on, so I wanted to cook something healthy that warms¬†my body from the inside. I think I’ve mentioned it already a couple of times but I strongly believe in the benefits of spices. There are reasons why spices like cinnamon are known as „typical winter spices“. Have you ever realized the difference after drinking a peppermint tea or a ginger/lemon/cinnamon tea. You might think that both will warm you up but indeed, peppermint will cool your body down! So¬†using¬†the „right“ spices can make a huge different whether you¬†go to bed with cold feets or not;) ¬†But enough of all of this! So what I cooked yesterday was this kurkuma chicken and noodle dish. Recently I’ve became a big lover of kurkuma (one of the spices I believe in its benefits!). Even if it looks like curry, it absolutely doesn’t taste like it. So if you’ve never tasted it before, I highly recommend giving it a try. What I added to the chicken were not only noodles but vegetables. If you do not care about the amount of carbs you eat and if you don’t feel like eating vegetables, just leave the vegetables aside and instead only use the noodles (we all know that you’ll never go wrong with a big bowl of pasta and some creamy sauce, right?;) ). But I especially like this dish because of the combination of all the ingredients. I mixed the spaghetti with a large amount of thin sliced carrots (use a spiralizer if you have one!) and a parsnip. So there is no no need to quit pasta from your diet but obviously if you mix them with some vegetables you have a much lighter meal.

I’m still not sure If I should only write about what I cook on Eugenies or publish some personal notes as well. It’s easier just to describe what you cook than writing something personal. But myself, I prefer reading these Blogs, where you can feel the person behind it (good example: vanillacrunnch!), cause that’s what their blog makes different from the other ones.

So here we go with some personal notes: As I said, I’m doing my second internship at a law firm in Zurich. Before I’ve started my last internship half a year ago I was nervous as hell. Honestly – I would have done anything just to not have to go there. I was so sure that I won’t do well, that everybody else will do better, that my boss won’t be satisfied, that I won’t understand what they want from me and I had the feeling that I wasn’t ment to be there . The thing was – that the day I sent my application letter (more that 1.5 year ago) I knew that I’ll feel like this when day 1 of the internship is coming. And that’s why I knew that I need to jump in at the deep end. I was so afraid of something there was no rational reason for – what could have happend? The worst that could happen was,that at the end of these 6 weeks I get a feedback that they don’t wish me¬†to come¬†back when I’m done with my studies. But in my head I felt like jumping in a shark tank. So knowing that this fear is only in my head and that I’ll block myself so much in future¬†if ‚m not capable of overcoming it, I sent the application. Same with the internship I’m doing now: After finshed the last 6 weeks I realized,¬† I’m still alive (what a surprise;) ) even if I felt quite stressed every morning. I was wondering if I’m able to overcome this feeling of stress and so I sent the application for the intership I’m doing at the moment.

I’m wondering how other people deal with irrational fears: I’ve realized that for myself it’s the best to face them and to fight them. Turning a blind eye to things stressing me makes me feel even more stressed – especially if it’s something you know you have to deal with one day whether you want or not. I guess there is not one solution or strategy that works for everyone but if¬†you feel that you’re running away¬†from something and you don’t really want to face it but rather ignore it – maybe try the¬†opposite for once: face it, jump into the „perceived“ shark tank¬†and you’ll probably see, like I did, that this fear is only in your head ūüôā

That’s been said I wish you all a great weekend!

XX Patricia


Ingredients (for 1)

  • Noodles (50 gram – or more)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 parsnip
  • mushrooms (100 gram)
  • sliced chicken (100 gram)
  • kurkuma
  • 1 tbsp of light cream sauce: i used Rama Cremefine


  • 1. Bring water to a boil and cook the noodles until they are done
  • 2. Slice the parsnip and the carrot with a spiralizer
  • 3. Cut the mushrooms and the chicken
  • 4. Heat up some oil in a pan, wait until it’s really hot and saute the mushrooms and the chicken
  • 5. When the mushrooms and the noodles are done, add the sliced vegetables to the mushroom, chicken mix
  • 6. Drain the noodle water but keep a bit in the pan and mix in the kurkuma. Stirr well the noodles, noodle water and kurkuma
  • 7. Add the kurkuma noodles to the vegetables and mix it all with 1tbsp of the light cream



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  • Daphi
    Februar 11, 2017

    I agree – jump right in there and you might even have fun! ūüėäūüí™ #girlpower

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