Why I stop posting outfitposts

Hey everybody:)

This post will again be a bit different to what we normally post (I think I wrote this 3 times in a row now…). It’s quite a long time since I’ve published my last outfit post and during the last weeks I took some time to think about what I want to do in life next to Uni. Being a student is just not enough for me – I miss the feeling I had when I still rode horses: this excitement you feel for something, the unconditonal passion you feel inside of you. I realized that taking pictures of myself, posting them on Eugenies and feel like I should write something about my outfits doesn’t cause this feeling inside of me. I absolutely love fashion, I love shopping, I get excited when someone asks for my clothing tips, I also like standing in front of a camera now and then – but obviously, if you call your blog a fashionblog it’s not enough if you like to pose and take pictures of you ‚once in a while‘.

I sometimes wondered why I’m not taking more pictures, why I don’t feel inspired when I wrote something about my outfit and I came to the conclusion that there was always a bit of stress connected with the outfit posts. I started to be extremely critical when I saw pictures of myself, started to not like what I see, to compare, to  ‚let’s say‘ belittle myself. There was an inner voice that was ‚bitching‘ (sorry for the expression)! Not really what you want when you call someting a hobby, right?

So that’s why I decided that in future, outfitposts won’t be the main content here on Eugenies anymore. I don’t know yet in what direction we’ll go, I think about posting more receips, as I’m standing in the kitchen quite often. Maybe more about interior design, the sports I do, about my daily life, my experience with the laser treatment I’m currently undertaking and so on 🙂

That’s being said, here we go with a last outfit post;)

Hope you guys like it!

XX Patricia

eugenies_zara_maje_bottegavenetta_8 eugenies_zara_maje_bottegavenetta_7 eugenies_zara_maje_bottegavenetta_5 eugenies_zara_maje_bottegavenetta_4 eugenies_zara_maje_bottegavenetta_3 eugenies_zara_maje_bottegavenetta_2 eugenies_zara_maje_bottegaveneta_1Pictures by: Sabine Neuhaus


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