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Recently i’ve been asked so many times about places to go for dinner, I can’t even count anymore how much i recommended places… It seems like my love for eating out is not really a secret and while I’m eating my way through Zurich I think it’s fair enough to say that I’ve got to know some quite cool places during the last couple of years:) I’m aware of the fact that there are still so many restaurants/bars/coffee shops I do not yet know, so if anyone is having some tips – please share them with me!!
So here we go with some of my favourite places here in Zurich. And as we are enjoying the (maybe) last weeks of summer ln lovely Switzerland I focus on the ones having a nice outside area! The pictures are not mine btw – when I’m eating out with people who do not have a blog or a constantly updated insta profile I hesitate to take too many pictures and to let the others wait so their food is getting cold: but I try to change that (sorry guys…) and keep my camera with me (the one that is currently in Africa with my sister and she was sooo nice to let her camera here for me without… a memory card: thank you for that haha!) whenever possible:

Location: Around bahnhofstrasse

– Restaurant Reithalle: I love their outside area. Easy going atmosphere, a huge variety of food (maybe a little bit too many choices..), relaxed people, good drinks..

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Posted a little restaurant review of Reithalle on the blog. Suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, in other words: suitable for everyone.

Picture by: Lauraalexandra

– Restaurant OOO (Modissa Rooftop): A well-known place and part of the Peclard Groupe (Restaurant Pumpstation, Coco Bar&Grill, Fischers Fritz and so on…). I’ve been there lots for drinks and it’s so nice to watch the bar tenders preparing them as you can see how much concentration and commitment it needs to serve the perfect drink. Recently I went for dinner for the first time: part of the dishes need to be ordered, while others can be picked right from the display case. I went for a tuna/avocado tartar + some small fennel (or something like that) salad and all of it was perfectly seasoned with good flavour! But now comes the big „but“: the servings are extremely small and the prices are too high in my opinion. And me, who goes out for dinner in Zurich quite a lot and I am used to high prices, saying that, it means it’s really expensive hahah. But if you do not care about the price or feel like boosting the economy a bit, you definitely should go for lunch or dinner and you will get high quality food, Dumplings, Sushi + one of the nicest views in downtown Zurich. Btw – the waiters were extremely friendly: something I do not take for granted in Zurich!


Location: Paradeplatz

– Puro: Newly opened and located in the middle of Zurich right next to Bahnhofstrasse this place is improving each time I go there. I wasn’t sure what to think about the food when I ate there the first few times but the more I go the more I’m into it. Honestly I can say that I’ve never had such a tender beef filet coming with a salad bowle: big congratulation to the chef!! Btw: if you like rosé – try the one from Puro;)



Picture by: @davidbiedert

Location: Kreis 4 and around

– Grand Cafe Lochergut: Not a secret – everyone is talking about it currently, and there are reasons for it. Super nice outside area (especially when you take into consideration that this area wasn’t really known for being very pretty) and super stylish interior design. They serve mainly oriental food, but it wouldn’t be ok not to mention their crazy brunch menu + the super nice sweets they serve. So even if you are a bit over the mezze hype that is going on the last couple of years, you still should have a look at Cafe Lochergut!



Picture by: @steeephiee

– La Barraca: Italian food at its best. You’ll forget that you are in Zurich – people are loud, the place always a bit crowded (but still cozy I think) and while the Swiss normally go for dinner at 7 pm, la Barraca has its peak time around 8:30/9:30 pm. Pizza/Pasta + fish and meat platers which are as mouthwatering as nothing else: even their carpaccio is crazy haha! Not the cheapest place but I think it’s totally worth!


Picture by: @j_ookim


Picture by: @bernheim_bureau


Picture by: @dovilirious

– Pergola: Not a beauty but you’ll forget about it the moment you tried the first bite. Amazing Italian and Spanish food and for a more than fair price! Waiters are super professional, know their business and make you feel super comfortable!


Picture by: Pergola

– Piccolo Giardino: Ok maybe I’m not the most objective person when it comes to this place as Sabine is working there, but it’s just such a great place, I can’t not tell you about: Piccolo is a combination of a coffee/bar and restaurant. So whatever you are looking for, you are never wrong going there. Very easy going atmoshpere, no „schicki-micki“, a lot of football and a lot of different beers + some super nice gins as well…


– Schönau: Another confession – I’ve only been there for coffee buuuut I’ve heard that the food is good and I’m supposing that’s true, so there is no reason why not mentioning this place. Located right next to Bäckeranlage (maybe not the most beautiful park in Zurich, but it’s still a park…;) ) Schönau has a very nice outside area inviting you to sit there for hours, drinking a good glas of wine and enjoying these last summer weeks (I’m getting poetic, sorry for that…).


Picture by: @frauzimmerma


Picture by: @duesentribkitchen



Picture by: @frauzimmerma

– Tre Fratelli: Their garden is stunning! Are we in Italy, or Spain, or Greece? Sitting there you’ll forget that you are in the middle of Zurich. You either like the waiters or not but they are for sure authentic. Great pieces of meat, fish and pasta. I was having a tartar, my friend a pulpo carpaccio and we both went home happy and satisfied;)


Picture by: @loreen_stella




Pictures by: Nicolas Glauser/ travelita.ch

Location: Seefeld

– Amalfi: Italian place which is part of the Bindella Group! Simple italian food, no fancy menu and no surprises, but that’s totally fine. Open also on sundays – the guests are mainly in their 40ies and nicely dressed (maybe not the place to go to with your shortest hottpants).


Picture by: @aritzmartinGetAttachmentThumbnail-35

Picture by: amalfi


Picture by: @theswissmister

– Ginger: Sushi place that seeks for another one that you can compare it to. I don’t love the interior design of the restaurant that much but the food makes up for it. (It’s quite expensive but that’s what we are used to when it comes to sushi in zurich, right?). In comparison to the others, the outside area is not really a feast for the eyes but I still wanted to list it here, cause the food is too good to miss out on it!


Picture by: Marius LutzGetAttachmentThumbnail-30

Picture by: hg2.com


Picture by: Jack Menzel


Picture by: @ginger_zurich


Picture by: @ginger_zurich

Location: Wollishofen /leftside of the lake:

– Chez Fritz: I prefer Chez Fritz to Seerose which is located 5 minutes away and pretty similar when it comes to the menu they serve – I think the food is better and the terrasse much nicer. High in price and maybe more a place for a family dinner (or a romantic date;)) than a night out with friends. Serving mainly fish (soo good), meat and always a wide variety of creative pre courses (+ good wine;)).

GetAttachmentThumbnail-37 GetAttachmentThumbnail-38

Picture by: Chez Fritz


Picture by: @by_amberr

– Fischers Fritz: Little brother of Chez Fritz for the ones who are not that much in the mood for a family dinner (which are always nice but sometimes we all need a bit of distance from our loved ones, don’t we?) or who’s love life is quite inexistant and therefore doesn’t feel like visiting Chez Fritz – just move 100 meters and you’ll find Fischers Fritz!


Picture by: @chichiconutGetAttachmentThumbnail-41

Picture by: @carlotta_biffi


Picture by: Ralph Keller

Location: Zurichberg

– Degenried: When I was still living at home there was a time we payed a visit to Degenried maybe 3 times a week haha. I love their meat skewer (there’s also a vegetarian option) and their salad bowls. They also serve sunday brunch and are extremely dog friendly and therefore the perfect place to combine a dog walk with a lunch or dinner.


Picture by: prjekte.baudokumentation.chGetAttachmentThumbnail-45

Picture by: DegenriedGetAttachmentThumbnail-44

Picture by: @2insta4melGetAttachmentThumbnail-43

Picture by: @aline_kaltsidou

Other restaurants I’ve heard only good things from, which are having suuper nice outside areas but unfortunately I’ve never been to:

  • Restaurant Ziegelhütte, Schwamedingen
  • Restaurant El Lokal, Zurich
  • Coco Bar&Grill: Paradeplatz

XX Patricia

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