If I had a bike… Intimissimi, Stuart Weitzman, Miu Miu

These pictures might give a wrong impression: the one that I’m a huge bycicle lover – I mean, who isn’t these days, right? It seems like the last couple of years, everybody went to buy himself a bycicle… I didn’t.  I could start talking about how much I’m annoyed by byciclists on the street: as a pedestrian you never know if you get knocked down of one while you are walking on the pedestrian strip and as a motorist you never know if there is one just next to you freaking out because you want to turn right… But as much as I love to grouse about this specie of people, I have to admit that the last couple of weeks I quite often started to envy them! While I’m waiting and waiting because I’ve just missed my bus, freezing in the cold, they pass by on their cool little bikes and unless their destination is the top of a mountain (what is pretty unreal in the city of Zurich) they always arrive much earlier than I do by bus. Life would be much easier – no missing buses, no parking penances, no crowded tramway + so much better for the environment! I’ve just never seen myself as a byciclist but I feel like I have to rethink this… and until my day has come and I can call a bike my own, I declare myself satisfied with taking pictures with bikes 😉

BTW: I was very proud how well I managed my finances the last weeks – but the moment came when I saw these boots at Stuart Weitzman and I just couldn’t resist…bye bye money, hello boots 😀

xx Patricia

Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_13Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_1 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_2 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_4 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_6 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_7 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_8 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_9 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_11 Eugenies_Patricia_StuartWeitzman_Iro_MiuMiu_12


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  • Miranda
    April 6, 2016

    I started to ride a bike when I was 3 years old, just in time for my first school day. Almost every Dutch person does and we love it here! In fact, we don’t know how to live without a bike. I can tell you… I almost never envy a person who is waiting for the bus (except when it rains). It’s a great way to do some exercise and get toned legs without going to the gym. Believe me Patricia, you won’t regret becoming a byciclist. If you would like to try it first, come to Amsterdam and we can combine riding bikes with drinking, eating and sightseeing !

    Ps bring your new boots, they’re great!

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