„I’m blue da ba dee“

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Hello everyone

Last tuesday I celebrated my 28th birthday. And because a lot of people kind of freak out when they’re approaching their 30ies (I had my 5 second freak-out as well) I collected some reasons why it actually is amazing to get older. Here they are:

  • I dance around to the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Lou Bega, Scooter, Aqua and MC Hammer without caring what everyone thinks. When I was 16 I pretended to be wayyyy to cool to like them.
  • I realized that the „Get bikini ready! How to lose 7 kilos in 2 weeks“ diets that the magazines tell you about are absolute crap. What a relief!
  • I get kind of excited when I have to show my ID when buying cigarettes. „Yeyy, no anti-wrinkle cream needed yet!“
  • No pressure of wearing ridiculously unconfortable high heels (in winter!) anymore.
  • No pressure of wearing tiny little skirts that barely cover my underwear (you guessed it..in winter!) anymore.
  • No Lloret de Mar, Rimini & Aya Napa anymore (If you like those places, good for you, have fun!).
  • My friends start getting married & having babies – happyhappy times for everyone around as well.
  • No more braces (missing the headgear, anyone?), spots & hair you don’t know what to do with in awkward and unknown places – adios puberty.
  • Do you remember those school parties where you had to slow dance with someone (oh how I hated every Tony Braxton, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey out there because of those parties) and there were literally 2 meters of space between you two and you didn’t know where to look or what the hell to do with your hands? Oh this was fun (NOT!).
  • Friends! You don’t hang out with your classmates only (which can be amazing as well), but with people you actively chose to be your friends.
  • Sounds very cliché but: Most of the bad or difficult things that happend leave you a bit wiser, stronger, better.
  • And last but not least: Life just seems to get better and better every year. So happy (!) birthday to everyone.

Some words to my coat: The world looked so grey outside this morning so I decided to put on some colour. Even if my boss said „Is this a coat or one of our blankets?“ when he saw me (men..!) I loove it. And to be honest, he’s right, it actually feels like wearing a huuuge woolen blanket, which is a very good thing :).

I hope you have an amazing day and thank you for reading.

xx Sabine

eugenies_bluecoat2 eugenies_bluecoat3 eugenies_bluecoat4eugenies_bluecoat7 eugenies_bluecoat6

Pictures by Patricia Neuhaus

My outfit:

Coat: Maje (sale)

Jeans: Topshop (Leigh Jeans)

Shirt: Topshop

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Hat: Topshop

Scarf: Streetfiles

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